Remembering Mrs. Maudlyn Udeze: A Tribute to a Pillar of OMEP Abuja


In the wake of her recent passing, the OMEP community mourns the loss of Mrs. Maudlyn Udeze, a remarkable figure whose dedication and leadership left an indelible mark on the organization. Mrs. Udeze’s legacy as a devoted member of the National Council, particularly in her roles as the Pioneer President of Abuja OMEP and Deputy Vice President from 2016 to 2023, will forever be cherished.

Throughout her tenure, Mrs. Udeze exemplified unwavering commitment to the ideals and goals of OMEP, working tirelessly to promote early childhood education and advocate for the rights of children worldwide. Her passion for empowering educators and improving the lives of young learners was evident in every endeavor she undertook.

Beyond her official roles, Mrs. Udeze was known for her warmth and generosity of spirit. She touched the lives of many with her kindness and compassion, leaving behind a legacy of love and service that will continue to resonate within the OMEP community and beyond.

Though Mrs. Udeze may no longer be with us in person, her legacy lives on in the countless lives she has touched and the positive change she has brought about. As we mourn her passing, let us also celebrate her life and the profound impact she had on OMEP Abuja and the world of early childhood education. Mrs. Maudlyn Udeze will be dearly missed but never forgotten.


  1. May her soul Rest In Peace.
    May the Lord comfort the family she left behind and be everything they need.
    Her legacies lives on.

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