OMEP Nigeria project receives Special Achievement in Education for Sustainable Development.

I am happy to inform you that OMEP Nigeria project initiated in 2017 has won the 2022 Special Achievement in Education for Sustainable Development Award. This was presented by the World Organization for Early Childhood Education.

As OMEP is an international organization concerned with education, care, and advocacy for the rights of children from birth to 8 years of age, our major focus in OMEP Nigeria must be to work towards the fulfillment of the goals & objectives.

The project is titled;
“Activity-Based Low Cost, No Cost initiative: From Waste to Sustainable Experiential Play, Learning and Development”.

The objective of the project is to enable all children regardless of class, culture, environment or family background gain access to quality education.

The HighScope Active Learning strategies have been infused into the implementation process of the project.

The project is aimed at achieving the following:

– expose educators ( teachers, school administrators, parents, policymakers, etc) to Sustainable Education practices

– create awareness on the use of waste materials in the environment to support children’s play, development, teaching & learning.

– support educators on how to embed the ESD practices into the school curriculum.

– develop an educational framework, materials, processes, and environments that enable effective learning for responsible leadership

– Expose educators and students to the ESD pedagogies to promote learning of skills, perspectives and values which sustainable societies require beyond the facilitation of learning of knowledge.

Our ultimate goal is to support learners towards attaining sustainable environmental goals by 2030

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