“OMEP Oyo State Chapter Joins Global Commemoration of World Teachers’ Day

Amidst a backdrop of global celebrations honoring educators, OMEP Oyo State Chapter proudly participated in the World Teachers’ Day workshop held at the Oyo State House of Chiefs, Secretariat, Ibadan. Drawing participants from various locales including Osun State, Oyo town, Iseyin, Igbo-ora, Osogbo, Ikire, Ado-Ekiti, as well as educators from Ibadan and neighboring cities, the workshop proved to be a resounding success, offering invaluable insights and resources for teachers to enrich their practices.

Continuing their commitment to education and cultural exchange, OMEP Oyo State Chapter further marked the significance of June 13th as the Children’s Day of the African Child. Each child represented a different African country, showcasing their unique cultural heritage through traditional attire, cuisine, and customs. This vibrant celebration served as a testament to OMEP Oyo State Chapter’s dedication to fostering intercultural understanding and promoting the rich diversity of the African continent.”

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